Christian Löffler

Křižíkova Fontána Výstaviště, Prague 7/5/2024 6:00 PM
6:00 PM - Christian Löffler

The Prague Rudolfinum is followed by the Křižík Fountain.

German producer, musician and artist Christian Löffler returns to Prague with a solo audiovisual performance in which he will combine electronic music with the light effects of Prague’s Křižík fountain. Christian excels in electronic genres (mainly deep house) using elements of jazz, indie rock and classical music.


Christian Löffler’s art is strongly inspired by nature and his life. He lives and creates on the remote Darss peninsula in northeastern Germany, where his studio in a log cabin surrounded by wild nature overlooking the Baltic Sea provides him with solitude, peace and inspiration. The influence of this environment can be felt and literally heard on the album “Mare”, which is based on nature recordings in the immediate vicinity of the studio. On the contrary, the album “Gral (Prologue)” was created on the road when Christian was constantly on tour. He thus compares the album to his travel diary.


After his debut album “A Forest” in 2012, Löffler released the self-titled albums “Mare” and “Graal (Prologue)”. This was followed by the album “Lys” and in 2021 “Parallels”, in which he breathed new life into classic compositions. Reworking the compositions of classics such as Beethoven, Wagner and Bach, Christian invites the general public to discover the rich heritage of classical music.


Christian Löffler is popular for his sincere and honest music, focusing only on the essentials. His creativity is reflected not only in music, but also in visual art. He connects both worlds on his album covers and in his video clips.

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