Elder Island

Café V lese Krymská 12, Prague 19/2/2022 8:00 PM
8:00 PM - Elder Island

A charismatic trio from Bristol, UK, who will enchant you with their beats and angelic vocals. Elder Island are vocalist and cellist Katy Sargent, bassist and beat maestro Luke Thornton and guitarist and synth virtuoso David Havard. Their music cherry-picks and transforms elements from genres as diverse as electronica, house, pop and neo-soul.

In 2014 the band released an eponymously titled debut EP, an ambient soundscape of field recordings, loops and percussive elements. This was followed by 2016 EP Seeds In Sand, on which the band found their sound in cohesive collection of five dance-influenced tracks. Following the success of these early releases, the band’s extraordinary debut album ‘The Omnitone Collection’ was streamed over 15 million times within the first year of its release in 2019. Currently, the band has over a million followers on Spotify. In May, Elder Island released their long-awaited second album, “Swimming Static”. “Drenched in the reflective and emotive themes of the last year, tracks such as “Sacred” and “Queen Of Kings” mix electronic sensibilities with the introspection and melodic vocals at the heart of the indie genre, resulting in an assorted display of masterful musical fusion” notes the Wonderland Magazine.

And because behind every great album there’s an interesting story, the band also released their debut film, which is full of honest conversations and invites the band’s fans into their creative process as well.


Elder Island’s live performances are full of emotions that the band easily passes on to their fans. The trio gives a lot of attention to the visual style of their concerts – after all, they all met at the University of Bristol, where they studied photography, graphic design and fine arts.


In short, you can look forward to more unrivaled and original creative talent from the island scene.

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