Cancelled – GOSSIP

Roxy Dlouhá 33, Prague 26/6/2024 8:00 PM
8:00 PM - Cancelled – GOSSIP

Dear fans, the band GOSSIP cancelled the Prague concert, which was supposed to take place today, June 26, 2024, in ROXY. The reason for the sudden cancellation is the illness of singer Beth Ditto. The paid entrance fee will be refunded in full and you will receive the money back to the accounts/cards from which the payment was made. Message from the band : " Prague, we are so sorry that we are not able to play today, but illness means it's not possible. We love you and hope to see you again!" We are very sorry and apologize for any complications. We wish Beth Ditto a speedy recovery. Thank you for your understanding, Team Selection

The American indie rock group, formed in 1999 and on hiatus from 2016 – 2023, consists of the charismatic singer Beth Ditto, Nathan Howdeshell, and Hannah Blilie. Their catchy mix of punk, rock, and dance music is full of emotion, rawness, and energy. After a long break, in addition to these qualities, they also show musical maturity and determination. Judge for yourself and listen to their singles like “Real Power” before the album’s release.


It was producer Rick Rubin who talked the trio into getting back together. It was the collaboration with Rubin that gave GOSSIP a safe space and support for a new beginning.


The band gained attention with their third studio album, “Standing in the Way of Control”, which was released in 2006. The album’s title track became an international hit and an anthem for the LGBT community. Over the years, GOSSIP has released several albums, including “Music for Men” (2009) and “A Joyful Noise” (2012). The album “Real Power” is their first studio album in twelve years.


And how do the band members see their comeback?
“I’ve come to realize a lot of powerful things: that friendship is beautiful, that music is powerful, that we should never take life for granted,” says Howdeshell. “I can see the beauty of small things now.”


“When we began, so much about Gossip was about running away—that was always in the music,” says Ditto. “We survived. We came from nothing, and we got the fuck out of there. And to be here 20 years later and still making music together is just incredible.”


“What a way to come back after years of being gone: to come back strong and with purpose and so much joy and gratitude, but also getting out a lot of that fuck-the-world kind of energy,” says Blilie.


GOSSIP inspired many with their music and activism, their influence can be heard today in the work of other artists. Whether you are a longtime fan or hearing about them for the first time, you are in for a powerful and emotional experience. Come to Prague’s ROXY on 6/26/2024 for a real burst of musical energy!


Concert has been moved from original venue SaSaZu to ROXY. All tickets remain valid.

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