Kim Churchill

Café V lese Krymská 12, Prague 29/11/2024 8:00 PM
8:00 PM - Kim Churchill

Australian folk singer, musician and songwriter Kim Churchill toured the world last year in support of his latest album 'Dawn Sounds'. He returns to Europe (and Britain) this year with a new show. He will perform at Café V lese in Prague on November 29, 2024.

His live performances are full of energy and full of moments where the audience is left amazed, watching how easily and with what skill one artist can do many things at the same time. Kim Churchill undoubtedly has both talent and charisma to spare. His most famous song to date “Window To The Sky” has over 50 million streams and is platinum in Australia and gold in Canada and Germany.


Kim first picked up a guitar at the age of four. He learned to play classical guitar and wrote songs. He developed his craft when he was busking. Kim is an avid fan of surfing and this passion has left its mark in a number of his songs and music videos.


He has successfully played at renowned festivals such as Glastonbury Music Festival, Mostreal’s International Jazz Festival, Sonth By Sonth West and many others.

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