Parra for Cuva

Palac Akropolis Kubelíkova 1548/27, Prague 12/9/2024 7:30 PM
7:30 PM - Parra for Cuva

The anticipated album "Mimose" will be released in 2024 and Parra for Cuva's unique take on electronic music promises to be another exciting and fresh musical journey.

Parra for Cuva is the stage name of German electronic music producer and DJ Nicolas Demuth, who often incorporates elements of downtempo, deep house and ambient music into his compositions. As a multi-instrumentalist, he experiments with the sound of musical instruments from around the world and likes to use ethnic and acoustic elements in his work. He is known for his melodic and atmospheric sound.


After chart-topping singles and two acclaimed albums, Majouré (2014) and Darwîś (2016), a breakthrough came with the release of “Paspatou” (2018). The following fourth studio album “Juno” (2021) involved collaborations with seven musicians from around the world and proved that it is possible to create music that works just as well on the dance floor as it does at home or on the road. The album “Juno” showed that Berlin’s electronic music scene has more to offer than hard electronics and techno.

Parra for Cuva performs at prestigious festivals and sells out halls around the world, including Burning Man, Sziget, Fusion, Koko London or Concourse Project in Austin. His captivating live performances, such as Cercle Music against the stunning backdrop of the Mexican landscape, exude a powerful genius loci. Parra for Cuva plays with variety and emotion, transporting listeners to distant lands and cultures. His unique production style is instantly recognizable around the world and hard to resist. It falls into the “contagious” category.

Let yourself be enchanted by the work of Parra for Cuva on September 12, 2024 in Prague’s Akropolis Palace.

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