Seasick Steve

Lucerna Music Bar Vodičkova 36, Prague 29/10/2024 8:00 PM
8:00 PM - Seasick Steve

American bluesman Seasick Steve returns to Prague after two years with a new album "A Trip a Stumble a Fall Down Your Knees"

American bluesman Seasick Steve returns to Prague after two years with a new album “A Trip a Stumble a Fall Down Your Knees” (released in June 2024). Describing it as his proudest work to date, the quirky and unmistakable Seasick Steve weaves tales of life into his songs, reflecting his own captivating journey into the world of music.


He was born Steven Gene Wold in 1951. He started playing the guitar at the age of eight, at thirteen he ran away from home to wander around the United States. He made a living as a cowboy, wage laborer, earned extra money as a musician and recording engineer in studios, and also became a music producer. When you add to that living in dozens of places, traveling, wandering, self-made instruments and talent, the result is an unforgettable blues that you will absolutely believe and fall for.


Seasick’s distinctive wooden country punk blues showcases all the characteristics of a self-taught musician. He always adapted his raw voice and technique to self-made guitars made from cigar boxes, cans, car lids or pickaxe handles – with three or one string. But he also plays regular guitars, banjo and the slide. He bought his most famous instrument – The Three-String Trance Wonder – in Mississippi from a friend who had it hanging in his barn as a decoration.


He became famous when he appeared on Live On Jools Holland show in 2006. Believing that no one was listening, he threw the guitar away in anger at the end, but the next morning there was an avalanche of interest around him. It is one of the most remarkable breakthroughs in music history. In the following years, the American settled in Norway released platinum albums, was twice nominated for the Brit Awards, performed in London’s Wembley and at the world’s biggest festivals, such as Glastonbury and Roskilde. He charmed visitors to the Colors of Ostrava festival twice with his captivating concert and created an unforgettable atmosphere at his concerts in Lucerna Music Bar in Prague. He is accompanied by Swedish drummer Dan Magnusson.

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