Palac Akropolis Kubelíkova 1548/27, Prague 10/2/2022 7:30 PM
7:30 PM - WURST

Austrian extravagant musician WURST and his T.O.M. Tour 2022

Who is WURST? Is he the bearded singer Conchita Wurst, who won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2014 in a great deal of hype and was one of Austrian musician Thomas “Tom” Neuwirth’s most prominent artistic figures through whom he wanted to bring attention to intolerance to differences? Not anymore.. Under the name Wurst and with the visage of a short-haired man, Tom released his third studio album in 2019. And with the new look came a new musical style. Electronic and dance music with lyrics that reveal more of Tom’s life than was ever possible through Conchita. The album was to be followed by a tour called Tour Over Magnitude, but due to the coronavirus pandemic it had to be postponed until 2022.


Tom created his alter ego – Conchita Wurst – led by the idea of stimulating people with different sexual orientations to be more brave. And the German phrase “Das ist mir Wurst”, Czech for “I don’t give a damn” stays behind his artistic pseudonym. In 2014, dressed in feminine clothes and with a feminine look contrasting with his thick beard, Wurst won Eurovision convincingly with Rise Like a Phoenix, sparking a worldwide debate about sexual identity and discrimination against (not only) sexual minorities. Wurst is socially engaged and uses his popularity to fight for human rights. He has spoken at the European Parliament, sold out concert halls around the world, headlined the largest Pride Parades, and was interviewed by the UN Secretary General, who considers Wurst with his slogan “We are unstoppable” to be a very influential spokesperson for the LGBT community.


After his highly successful debut album Conchita and the subsequent album From Vienna With Love, recorded with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, Wurst surprised not only with a change of appearance. Truth Over Magnitude is a powerful electropop message that no matter what anyone thinks of him, he wants to play music he feels comfortable in and in which he can exercise his unique voice.


Wurst’s quality of music is all about setting an important example of how to defy prejudice and homophobia. “In the world of YouTube and Instagram, I see a generation of young people who celebrate themselves without limits. They are living their freedom and individuality. They dress how they want and put themselves in situations that can bring conflict. It proves that there are sections of society that confidently express their stand that it does not matter whether you have long hair or fit into gender roles. These young people are sensitive and smart. When I see them, I am sure our freedom will grow.”

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